Circle about meHi! I’m Jess.

I’ve been geeking out over desserts my whole life, and professionally since 2011. Somehow I went from being a forestry and public affairs grad student to spending all my free moments thinking about chocolate. I’m not complaining.

Want to work with me?

Let’s talk! I’m always game to try foods, especially if they involve sprinkles.

When I’m not here, I work with bloggers, scientists, and small business owners to get their brands and voices clear. Want to work with me on your next big thing? Say hi!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really eating all those things?
Yes! It’s pretty awesome.

How did you shoot [this photo]?
I mainly shoot with a Canon Rebel t2i and a 100 mm macro lens.

Would you be interested in working with my brand/blog/company?
Email me! I’m excited to see if we’d be a good fit.

Would you be up for guest posts/collabs?
I’m so in for guest posts and collaborations! Again, throw me an email and we’ll chat!

So you have a degree in… what?
It’s a Master of Public Administration, or a degree in running and supporting government agencies and non-profits. I also have a certificate in entrepreneurship from the Foster School of Business, because it sounded awesome. And it was.

The Fine Print:

All works are copyrighted by me, unless I mention otherwise. All opinions are my own, even for sponsored posts.

Here are the rules for reposting:

  • You can link to any of my works, as long as you link back to the original works with attribution.
  • You can repost summaries or quotes of content, but not entire works. Reposts of both require a link back and attribution.
  • Want to do something else? Send me a line!